Pixbe is a freedom, equality, and decentralized value-based picture social platform based on blockchain technology.

What is PGT?

PGT is the token of Pixbe, related to all stakeholders.

Regarding PGT as evidence of value contribution, pixgram will return the PGT to the user who created value contribution on the platform.

For users, there are a variety of ways for getting PGT on Pixbe.

Users also can freely withdraw or redeem other rights in the community through PGT.

Pixbe allows the user to get more equal rights than traditional social platforms

Revenue Encouragement

The economic benefits made by the users' own traditional social platforms cannot be shared with users.
Users are not only the content producer,also the beneficiary of the content.The economic value generated by users will be returned to them through Pixbe platform.

Fair Environment

Buying followers、likes and comments to bury high quality works on traditional social platforms.
Excellent works will be liked and shared by more users on Pixbe and make more people focus on the high-quality works.

Privacy Protection

Centralized social platforms cannot protect users' data privacy.Today,social platforms have repeatedly exploded user data disclosure scandals.
Blockchain records generated by distributed node consensus, making users' data privacy more secure.

Copyright Affirmation

Users post their high-quality works through traditional social platforms, which are easily stolen by commercial use and cannot be self-certified.
Using blockchain technology to add time-stamp for digital content, providing users with a more credible copyright certification mechanism.
How to get PGT?

General user:

Like content Invite others Win follower

Content contributor:

Post content


Get Token reward through proof of value contribution mechanism ( POVC )

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